TSANZ 50th Anniversary Benevolent Grant

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The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Ltd (TSANZ) Ltd became a Health Promotion Charity in 2011. With this, the 50th Anniversary TSANZ Benevolent Grant was established to help TSANZ contribute to worthwhile causes intended to improve respiratory health care delivery within Australia and New Zealand, and internationally. There is opportunity to raise funds for such special projects by receiving donations from TSANZ members. 

Thanks to the generosity of TSANZ donors, the organisation is now able to make available two award categories to support philanthropic activities aimed at improving respiratory health care. This is not a research program. Funding must be used for philanthropic activities to improve respiratory health care in settings where resources and delivery are poor. For example, the purchase of equipment, the implementation of training for health care professionals or patients, or direct patient programs would qualify for this funding. 

There are two award categories:

  1. People’s Choice Award valued at up to $10,000 AUD.
  2. Directors Choice Award valued at up to $10,000 AUD.

There is up to $10,000 funding available for each category which may be provided to one or multiple awards. TSANZ reserves the right to not issue any funding. 

Winners will be announced at the TSANZSRS ASM in Adelaide, 2018.

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